What am I?

Aino Aid™ – an AI-based service to provide psychological support and guidance for anyone affected by domestic violence.

Aino is built in collaboration with domestic violence survivors, professionals, and strategic partner Hyvinpitely Oy. We have a project with Felm Suomen Lähetysseura to develop Aino to support women and girls in Tanzania.

Most of the services to help the victims are focusing on acute help, limited with both access hours and human resources, which may prevent the victims from getting a longer-term resolution and support for the healing process towards survivors. Lengthening of the resolution causes wider issues to the people around the victims as well as the employers and entire societies.

With Aino Aid™ the victims get faster and easier access to the information they need to proceed in their search for help and smooth ways out with less damage to all parties involved. The anonymous chat provides first level support with guidance to the paths forward and the ecosystem players around Aino Aid™ can help the victims and their families to start the resolution and healing process to the parties who should be included. 

The entire ecosystem of tools and partners can shorten the time of conducted violence, prevent major economical and emotional suffering of the victims and people and organisations impacted.

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Aino is the Digital Service of the Year 2021

Why was I created?

Violence against women – particularly intimate partner violence and sexual violence – is a significant public health problem and violates human rights. Global estimates published by WHO indicate that about 1 in 3 women worldwide has experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime. Our starting point is women, but our solution is not limited to women only. 

The issues are not only impacting the targeted women. They also affect their children’s health as well as the health of the perpetrators of the violence and people around them. In addition to human suffering, the economic price tag to be solved is huge. Direct and indirect costs of mental ill-health are estimated at over 4% of global GDP, reaching more than €5,5 trillion annually.

Aino Aid™ is designed as a first step for victims seeking help. Anonymous chat helps overcome the shame they feel, learn the level of seriousness of their situation for the most suitable action they can take. Usually, the desired services are hard to find, scattered and it’s often difficult to recognise the right services. Further, most of the services address the acute situation, missing the need for long term support in terms of psycho-social help and guidance for the healing process from victim to survivor. 

Addressing the growing need and limited capacity for the support services, Aino Aid™  provides the AI, machine learning and NLP -based conversational service to recognise the type of violence and to find the most relevant path to support organisations and services.

Aino is expected to act as a reliable source of information for women on their rights and where to seek different levels of support. Aino Aid™ will provide step-by-step recommendations to victims and act as a helping friend. This intervention is expected to address a chronic development issue and to have a cross-cutting impact on UN Social Development Goals:

SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all of all ages 

SDG 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

SDG 17 Partnerships for the goal

Who created me?

I was created by a fantastic team of people that believe that the world can be an excellent place for us all. 

Aino Aid™ has taken the approach of building technology-enabled, contextually aware services co-created by ecosystem partners with diverse backgrounds for truly globally scalable services. Key principles are the services designed for and with the victims and professionals, use of data to avoid human bias and assumptions and co-creation principles where the value creation, as well as the value capture, is shared by all contributing parties. Technology is the easiest part to make it happen. Facilitating an ecosystem consisting of diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, with different levels of human egos, requires management of the art of creating and capturing value for all parties. 

Help me evolve.

Interested in what we are building and want to collaborate?

Aino Aid™ and related services combine technology and human expertise to build first level, AI-based conversational guidance to the victims who are seeking help. The technology relies on the tools provided mainly by Microsoft. The content and conversation flows have been developed by the experts representing different therapy methods, the victims who have become survivors and future creators from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

The value will be delivered in multiple forms. Value for the victims to help them find the best possible paths to become survivors. Value for the societies and organisations in terms of healthier and happier citizens, more productive employees and efficient use of the scarce human and financial resources.

The art of creating value for all the partners in the ecosystem starts from shared purpose and related objectives, fair and transparent share of efforts and respective reward.

For the AI tool, the more good quality data we get, the better Aino can help the victim become a survivor. Suppose you would like to play around with the prototype and help us with research, data collection, or development. Please, reach out! 

Are you a survivor of domestic violence? Please, share your story! 

We have learned that a survivor’s story can bring hope and courage into a problematic situation. To help the current victims become survivors, we want to hear stories of survivors to be used in awareness marketing and for developing the Aino Aid™, giving hope for those looking for a way out.

We utilize tech to make an impact.

We support victims of domestic violence.

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